Dr. Manja Vollmann



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I am a researcher and lecturer in the area of clinical and health psychology. I have a keen eye for detail without losing sight of the bigger picture and I enjoy sharing knowledge and ideas.

I am interested in factors and processes which promote well-being and health in chronically ill and healthy persons. More specifically, I examine the health effects of illness representations and personal resources and I explore possible mediators of the health effects, in particular social support processes and coping strategies. Enthusiastically, I work with complex data sets and apply advanced methods for statistical data analysis. I enjoy writing research reports and scientific papers.

I supervise and support students with pleasure, expertise and an eye for the individual needs of students. My aim is to make students enthusiast about the topics and to stimulate them to bring out the best in themselves. I use challenging learning methods and try as much as possible to actively involve students in their learning process. I consider teaching innovation important and use my broad (international) experience with (distance) teaching to implement it.